Experienced Executives Turning to Franchise Opportunities

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Experienced executives are turning to franchise opportunities like TAB for various reasons, including lifestyle change, career diversity and additional income.

Executives Utilizing Knowledge and Experience

More and more corporate executives are turning to the franchise business model for many reasons, most commonly for reasons relating to lifestyle. As a franchisee, one can have more control over his or her work hours and whether they work from home or the office, allowing more flexibility and family or recreation time.

Moving from a corporate management role to becoming a private business owner also offers career diversity. Lack of growth or further opportunity is one of the common reasons for corporate burnout. As a private business owner, career growth is virtually uncapped, offering greater career diversity and the ability to set larger, more interesting goals.

Many franchise business models are designed to allow the business owner the freedom to work as an owner/operator or in a more hands-off role, enabling the opportunity for the business to become an additional income stream.

Executives tend to have a wealth of knowledge, experience and advice that often goes untapped within the corporate environment, one of the common frustrations that many corporate executives express when talking about job satisfaction.

As a franchisee, the opportunity to utilize the wealth of knowledge that many corporates have within their own business, and the ability to share that knowledge with others, can be very rewarding.

The Alternative Board

The Alternative Board (TAB) is the largest peer-to-peer business advisory and support franchise in the world. With over 200 franchise territories spanning across 13 countries, TAB is dedicated to offering sound and solid business advice to private business owners no matter how big or small their business might be.

First established in 1990, TAB have been franchising their business model since 1996. TAB was founded by Allen E. Fishman, a highly successful businessman, best-selling author and international business speaker. He knew how important his board of directors were to him in the corporate business world and saw a need for private business owners to have access to the same type of support.

Over the years, TAB have helped more than 15,000 business owners and their businesses with support and advice on all types of issues and opportunities that many face.

For the last decade, TAB has continuously ranked within Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 500 List, currently listed at number 257.

What TAB Offers the Franchisee

A TAB franchise is a membership organization for a small group of business owners and CEO’s to gather together and meet once a month to discuss ways to improve their businesses and share knowledge and experience. Made up of about 12 members who are not in competition with each other, they work together along with the franchisee, who facilitates the meetings. The franchisee also provides one-on-one training, acting as a business consultant to each member.

As Derek Cafferata, CEO and President of All State Franchise Finders explains, “The TAB franchise model is one of the best opportunities I have seen for experienced executives, managers and business minded people to utilize their skills and knowledge.”

With TAB, franchisees can leverage their executive business expertise by helping private business owners within their local community, all with the added benefit of significant earning potential.

Derek Cafferata actively works with potential franchisees, helping them through the process of selecting, purchasing and setting up their franchise. Along with his experienced team at All State Franchise Finders, Derek represents The Alterative Board across the United States, along with a wide range of other top franchise opportunities.

For more information about The Alternative Board, please feel free to call 1-800-544-2161 or visit their website allstateff.com today. All State Franchise Finders – Your Franchising Expert.