Expert Advice on Franchising Your Business Internationally

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International franchising offers huge scope for strategic growth, cornering a new marketplace and financial reward. All State Franchise Finders offers expert advice.

International franchising offers significant benefits for the business looking to expand beyond its domestic borders. When done with due consideration and expertise, internationally franchising a business involves significantly low risk for high reward.

Is International Franchising for You?

Most entrepreneurs dream of their brand becoming a household name, with a wide footprint and huge financial reward for all the hard work they have invested in their business. And international franchising offers the best track to success.

However, according to franchising expert Derek Cafferata, CEO of All State Franchise Finders, international franchising isn’t for everyone.

“Generally, when a business has successfully franchised into the local market and established themselves and their brand, then they are more likely ready to consider franchising internationally,” says Derek Cafferata. “It’s once a company feels they have saturated their local market sufficiently that they should start thinking globally.”

Benefits of International Franchising

Derek Cafferata, with more than 30 years’ experience in the franchising industry both in the United States and around the globe, believes there are three main benefits to franchising a business into a foreign market.

“Firstly, the scope for growth is huge,” says Derek. New customers equals new selling potential. International markets like India, China and the Middle East consider western brands to represent quality and luxury. Buyers in these markets are desperate for western brands. “The sheer population a business is opened up to when branching into these types of countries is mind-blowing.”

Secondly, international franchising offers the opportunity to corner a new marketplace. New international markets are opening up to U.S. based products all the time. Derek believes that with the right factors being considered first, like feasibility and adaptability of a new market, taking a company to foreign markets can bring lucrative reward in all areas of business.

Finally, international franchising offers the potential for huge financial reward for very little risk. “The risk verse reward ratio of franchising as a model for business growth is one of the most attractive aspects of the franchising concept,” says Derek. “It is one of the main reasons why the franchise model has been so successful around the world.”

The cost of a company opening up new locations is high, in terms of time, effort and finance. Combine this with opening in an unfamiliar and untested market, the risks are multiplied significantly. With franchising, the carefully selected franchisee takes on the majority of the financial risk. The franchisee will also have local market knowledge, including cultural and economic differences.

“When franchisees are carefully selected, taking your business to international markets is a great way to grow on a larger scale,” says Derek. “Growth is usually cost-effective and fast, meaning return on investment is attractive.”

International Franchising with All State Franchise Finders

Derek Cafferata regularly travels around the globe helping U.S. based businesses find the right foreign market to franchise into. His experience and knowledge are evident in his proven success with some of the most popular franchises that have taken their brand to the world’s stage.

All State Franchise Finders are based in Fort Worth TX and have been helping U.S. companies franchise across the country as well as internationally for many years now. From feasibility and analysis to franchisee selection and finance, the team offer sound knowledgeable advice on every aspect of franchising.

For more information about franchising internationally or within the United States, contact All State Franchise Finders on 1-800-544-2161 or visit today.