Franchising in Business – Online Franchising

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In this business climate online franchising is stepping into a vital role and filling a gap in the
market, and it is definitely here to stay.

What is Online Franchising?

An online franchise is one that gathers their customers and sales through the internet. While an
online franchise does not require a store-front, it may require a brick-and-mortar location depending
on the size and type of the online franchise.

Some online franchises, for example those that sell their services, do not need a location and can be
run from wherever the owner wishes. Other online franchises may need a location to store product
or a space to make or package goods sold.

Either way, an online franchise focuses on generating all their sales through online advertising and
social media marketing.

Covid-19 and Online Shopping

It’s not surprising that the popularity of online franchising has increased significantly over the past
18 months. Restrictions, social distancing and lockdowns has encouraged consumers online and
pushed businesses this same way in order to accommodate their customers.

Combine this with the software and technology that is readily available to business owners, and
online franchising is on the up.

While Millennials have grown up with online shopping and need no further encouragement to log
on, it was the Baby Boomers and Gen X’ers that were a little more hesitant. That was until our usual
way of life was turned upside down.

A year and a half into life as our new norm and statistics are showing that online shopping is
definitely here to stay. Consumer intent to shop online has shown the most significant increase,
across a wide demographic, across every industry. Where, only a few years ago, online shopping was
fairly limited to certain industries, consumers are now willing to shop for virtually anything online,
from everyday items like groceries and over-the-counter medication to personal items like make-up
and jewelry.

Benefits of Online Franchising

One of the greatest benefits of online franchising is that online shopping is here to stay. As
consumers, we are all used to the idea, we are becoming more and more familiar with how it works
and statistics show a trend towards online shopping over in-store shopping.

For the franchisee, there is significant saving in up-front costs and ongoing running costs with an
online franchise as there is no need for the usual brick-and-mortar shop costs.

An online franchise offers greater flexibility to the franchisee, giving the business owner the ability to
work from anywhere they like as long as they have access to their computer, working the hours that
suit them.

Popular Online Franchise Industries

Not surprisingly, internet marketing franchises are some of the most popular and successful online
franchises available, followed by online business consulting services and online tax services.

Online education and tutoring franchises are another booming segment of online franchise
opportunities, with education services spanning a wide range of ages and specialties.

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