#MeToo: The Case for Female Entrepreneurs

asked about 5 years ago

The number of women in business is growing & the franchise industry is reaping the benefits. Women are finding their voice, standing up & stepping confidently into the business world.

While stereotypes have traditionally placed men in the leading roles when it comes to business and leadership, women for a long time have played their role in both the corporate and private business sectors.

As stereotypes fade and change, so do the statistics. Numbers are showing that 39 percent of private businesses in the United States are owned by females and franchising experts, like All State Franchise Finders, are seeing a rising trend in the number of women entering into the franchise industry, either as franchisors or franchisees.

“Female entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly drawn to the franchise business model,” says Derek Cafferata, CEO and President of franchising experts All State Franchise Finders. “So much so, that some franchisors are seeing the success of this trend and are actively looking to recruit female franchisees.”

According to the International Franchise Association, women make up approximately 25 percent of all franchisees. While this may not sound like a high percentage, the number of female franchise owners has risen by 83 percent in the last 7 years. And it also doesn’t account for the additional 17 percent of franchises made up of both male and female ownership.

So, what is drawing more and more women into the business world and why are an impressively increasing number of female entrepreneurs finding success in franchising? After working with a large number of female entrepreneurs to make the leap into the world of franchising, Derek Cafferata has discovered a few common threads.

Often Borne Out of Necessity

Often, the decision to become their own boss is borne out out necessity according to many successful female entrepreneurs. It may be the realization that the income earning potential is capped as an employee. It may be that a more flexible work timetable is required in order to care for children. Or it may be the most logical way to re-enter the business world after having children.

Whatever the reason, the decision to go into business for themselves is often based on other lifestyle or career factors. And Derek Cafferata believes that this may be one of the reasons why many females don’t necessarily even classify themselves as entrepreneurs.

Face Your Fears & Don’t Take No for an Answer

When asked about what they believe was a strong factor or turning point in their journey to becoming a business owner, many women share two things. Firstly, the majority of successful female entrepreneurs had to face their fears head-on. Stepping out into the unknown realm of possible financial failure, going against stereotypes that family or friends might hold, feeling a lack of experience, training or qualification are all common fears many have had to overcome.

Another factor of their success that female entrepreneurs often share is to simply not take no for an answer. Whether it is in regards to financial lending, experience level or the daily running of the business, failure just wasn’t an option for these businesswomen.

AllStateFF.com Helping Females Into Franchising

With more than 30 years’ experience in the franchising industry, Derek Cafferata and his team at All State Franchise Finders have seen the increase in the number of female entrepreneurs looking to franchising as a means of reaching their lifestyle, financial, career, family and personal goals.

With the experience and knowledge that All State Franchise Finders offers, it is no wonder they are the trusted choice for many potential franchisees to go to for help with the in-depth task of franchise selection, financing and setup. For more information about franchising, call 1-800-544-2161 or visit allstateff.com today and speak to the franchising experts at All State Franchise Finders.