The Importance of People in Franchising

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Franchising is a great way to get into business for yourself, but not by yourself. Franchise expert
Derek Cafferata shares the importance of people in franchising.

The Support Network of Franchising

Franchising is one of the most successful, and most popular, business models in the world. A
franchise offers entrepreneurs the independence of being a business owner with the support and
benefit of being part of a larger network.

Franchising offers several benefits over starting your own business from scratch. One of the main
advantages of franchising is that business experience is not essential to become a franchise owner.
As a franchisee, you have a large support network of people around you who offer training, advice
and guidance to help run your business successfully. Advertising and marketing, operational
systems, accounting and legal processes and management frameworks are just some of the aspects
of business that a franchisee has a great support network.

“Before making the final decision on which franchise to invest in, it’s important to speak to people
who can give you the right advice,” says Derek Cafferata, CEO and President of franchise experts All
State Franchise Finders. “Get to know the franchisors, speak to other franchisees, ask lots of
questions and seek the advice of a franchise expert.”

Use the knowledge, experience and advice of those around you. Talk with accountants, lawyers,
business advisors, other business owners and people within the industry you are moving into. And,
above all, seek expert advice from franchising experts before making any final decision.

Building a Team of People

One of the greatest keys to building a successful franchise is building a successful team. Whether it is
a large team of management and employees or a team of reliable and trustworthy business advisors
and consultants, the team of people you have around you will influence your business growth and

“The great thing about franchising is that there is so much option,” says Derek. “You can choose to
become the franchise owner of a small hands-on, owner-operator unit or you can take on a
franchise that lets you grow and develop the business without taking part in the day-to-day running
of things.”

Some of the keys to building good people around you include setting clearly defined goals and
expectations for each role, paying attention to individual job roles and making sure you take time to
find the right person for each role. Get to know your staff, taking the time to understand different
personalities and ensure you set the culture of your working environment. If the culture is set in
place from the beginning, good employees will comfortably fall into place within the culture you
have set.

Rely on Expert Advice

Buying into a franchise can be a daunting and seemingly overwhelming experience. Which is why
you should always seek the advice of a franchise expert before signing anything. Derek Cafferata and
his team at All State Franchise Finders have help a huge number of entrepreneurs, guiding them
through the process of franchise selection, financing and setup. For more information about
franchising, call the team of award-winning experts at All State Franchise Finders on 1-800-544-2161
or visit today. ALLSTATEFF.COM – your award-winning franchise experts!