Top Income Earners See Benefit of Passive Income Franchises

asked about 8 years ago

Passive Income Franchises a Hot Option for Top Income Earners
Passive income franchises are a popular way top income earners generate their wealth. Derek Cafferata from All State Franchise Finders explains why.
Taking a look at where top income earners generate their wealth from, the top 1 percent of earners generate almost one quarter of their income from business income. This is quite a significant percentage, especially considering the general public generate an average of on 7 percent of their income from business.
Derek Cafferata, CEO of All State Franchise Finders based in Fort Worth, Texas, deals with many clients who are looking to increase their income without affecting their lifestyle or even their current employment role. This is where a passive income franchise is an ideal option.
“Many people simply want to increase their income, usually with the idea of preparing themselves financially for their retirement,” said Derek. “A passive income franchise business allows them to keep their current job and income while they invest in a business that can begin to generate passive income with little hands-on involvement on their part.”