JockSale, LLC

Financial / Terms

Minimum Investment: $37,875

Support & Training Provided

Financial Assistance Provided: No

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JockSale Events are targeted at the Red-Hot Consignment Event Industry.   JockSale events last 7 to 10 days and are held 2 to 4 times a years in a given territory.    Our focus is on sporting, hobby and outdoor gear at these events.   Basically, anything you would see in a Super Sporting Gear Store like a Dicks, Academy or Sports Authority.  We even have a “manjunk” section for tools, power tools and lawn equipment.

Why is JockSale a Great offering for Franchise Consultants?

  1.  It can be done part-time or full-time.  Perfect for the client that wants to take the risk or leave their job.  It’s a way for them to gently enter the franchise world.   If operating part-time… buy one territory (size is 200,000 population) and if wanting to do full-time purchase two territories.     First territory $25,000 and second territory $12,500.
  2.  We have 2,000 open territories.
  3. This franchise opens up everyone you have already sold a franchise to in the past!  So there is a lower cost per lead for the consultant since JockSale can be done part-time along with other franchise businesses.
  4. Start-up and operate your first event for as little at $38,500!
  5. It is a fast, easy and non-complicated sales cycle.
  6. Business is ran by experienced zors.   We know what consultants and zees expect.

Why is JockSale a great Franchise to Own?

  1. Home based and low start up
  2. It is a less Risky venture since you can keep a job or own another business and still operate JockSale
  3. A Brand No one forgets
  4. No inventory to purchase  (Supplied by Consignors)
  5. No employees  (Volunteers and family)
  6. No long term leases to sign  (we just rent for 7 to 10 days at a time)
  7. No Discovery Day,  Decide at Home
  8. It’s FUN!