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Zippy Shell USA

Zippy Shell USA (“ZSA” or the “Company”) represents a disruptive business and operating model within the mobile self storage and moving industries, providing an innovative, efficient, high-quality, proprietary mobile storage and moving platforms that offer significant economic and operating advantages over competing technologies such as those of industry pioneers PODS® and 1-800-PACK RAT®. The Zippy […]


UNITS Moving and Portable Storage

UNITS Mobile Storage is a rapidly growing company in the $40+ Billion a year moving & storage industry. In the past, the storage business has been dominated by “fixed location” service providers, which means that people needed to load their belongings into a truck, deliver those items to a storage facility, unload what they just […]



The ShelfGenie Franchise System allows our owners to focus on marketing and sales while leveraging design consultants and installation partners with the following systems and services: ·        Streamlined Business Processes: Our exclusive 14 Step process allows you, in conjunction with the Business Support Center, installation partners and manufacturer to manage the customer […]


Kitchen Solvers

We pioneered the craft of refacing older cabinets, giving homeowners a cost effective way to reuse existing cabinets by replacing the trim, doors and drawers. Today, cabinet refacing remains our core business alongside installing new custom cabinets and complete kitchen remodels. Kitchen Solvers has helped more than 45,000 people nationwide turn their kitchens into rooms […]


Homestory, Doors and More

HomeStory is replacing America’s 1.3 billion doors that are in homes 20+ years old – it’s a large, untapped market with little competition. We captivate homeowners by transforming every room of their home quickly, easily and affordably by replacing their old, outdated, ill-fitting doors with all-new designer doors and beautiful hardware. We complete jobs in […]

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