Roosters Men’s Grooming Centers

Financial / Terms

Minimum Investment: $170,000

Support & Training Provided

Financial Assistance Provided: No


Roosters MGC is leading the emerging male segment of the $65 Billion hair care industry. We have created a unique business model that serves men between the ages of 20-65 (and their sons) by providing quality haircuts and men’s grooming services, in a relaxed, upscale, male oriented environment. Roosters MGC is uniquely positioned in the “sensible middle” between overpriced independent salons that focus primarily on women and the discounters that provide a no-frills experience and compete on price. Rooster’s operates in the ultimate recession resistant industry and enjoy a high level of built-in demand. We are pioneering the re-emergence of the “male only” segment of the hair care industry and have very little direct competition. We resonate with customers by focusing on quality, value, service and a unique experience!

Industry Characteristics:

  • $65 Billion a year industry
  • Recession Resistant
  • Built-in Demand
  • Under Competitive business
  • Cash Business with no Receivables
  • Technology Resistant
  • Cyclically Stable Industry

Roosters Advantage:

  • Unique focus on Male Customer
  • Pioneering new segment of industry
  • Franchisee keeps full-time job
  • Manager run locations
  • Open multiple units
  • Limited time commitment
  • Low start up requirements ($170K-$260K)