SuperSlow Zone

Financial / Terms

Minimum Investment: $123,403

Support & Training Provided

Financial Assistance Provided: Yes


SuperSlow Zone® “SSZ” is a distinctive health and wellness service business based on a unique exercise protocol and system, and is positioned as a professional service (like a doctor, attorney, CPA business) focused on quality service for the and Baby Boomer and 40 plus market. SSZ’s 20 minute exercise protocol was developed from a medical research project and is backed by science. SuperSlow® Zone is not a gym or traditional personal training. SuperSlow Zone® personal strength training franchise is the fastest route to exceptional fitness and health results in minimal time and is THE franchise that can deliver it within the context of effective business systems and practices. SuperSlow Zone’s has been featured articles in Men’s Health (3 times), Vogue (2 times), Time, Newsweek, Business Week, Arthritis Today, body soul, Fox News, NBC, CNN, 48 Hours, Wellness TV and Playboy, etc.

SuperSlow Zone’s roots were developed in 1982 during a $3.2 million Osteoporosis study at the University of Florida Medical School and have been innovated into a brand and system, by Founder and CEO Madeline Ross, enabling SSZ owners an effective road map to their desired success.

Madeline ensured that SuperSlow Zone, the original, systemized, expert-supervised, 20-minute, 1-2 work out sessions per week. SuperSlow Zone was accredited by the prestigious, global, and has business systems and services which comprise an integrated solution for the end user. SuperSlow Zone’s end users don’t want to go to a gym. They want a clutter-free, relaxing, casually elegant professional service that delivers consistently on its promise. Equally impressive, end users achieve extraordinary results while working out in ‘what they have on’ in the SuperSlow Zone’s ‘ideal, clinically-controlled exercise environment.’ The option to change into ‘work out clothes’ is up to the client. SSZ is a professional service delivering convenience, value and sustainable results in minimal time – SSZ’s unique selling proposition.

The SuperSlow Zone® Opportunity…

Three different business models;

  1. Retail – Designed to service the 72 million Baby Boomer+
  2. Medical Rehab – Developed to enhance a medical practice by providing SSZ rehab, to be integrated with your existing physical therapy protocols, and SSZ personal strength training and weight loss for overall health and wellness as a cash business (no insurance)
  3. Corporate Wellness – Placement of a SSZ clinic within the corporate facility offering employees the benefits of a health and wellness program that they can participate in during the work day, in their everyday cloths, with SSZ’s 20 minute sessions once or twice weekly, and the Transitions Weight Loss program. Adding value to both the employees and the employer.

Three different levels of entry

  1. Single Unit – Starting at $124K investment; includes Franchisee Fee and two Instructors certifications
  2. Multiple Units (3 pack) – build a very nice business with multiple location
  3. Regional Development (Master Franchise) Program –  build an empire

Four levels of involvement in the business

  1. Owner Operator – Working full or part time in the business directly with clients
  2. Owner Manager – Working on building the business in a management role
  3. Absent Owner – Hire a manager and keep your job while building a solid business for the future
  4. Regional Developer – Working part time or full time to build a strong legacy business.